Mother’s Day Biggle’s Way

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Biggles has seen him. Have you seen him? Well my moma wanted to see HIM.

One of the finest in modern hard-rock is Finland’s HIM. They happen to be my moma’s favorite band  (apart from Aerosmith,duh).

Walking into the House of Blues Orlando, we started scouring the crowd for a good vantage point of the stage. We settled for a spot side stage on the steps of the pit and watched the last half of opening act, We the Fallen? or We are the Fallen?. I’m not sure on the name exacts, but the lead singer finally stood out to me when she shouted “Lets do some Iron Maiden!” Never have I seen a girl-fronted band cover Iron Maiden. It was a great performance. I could tell she’d achieved that “I can rock as hard as the boys” status she was desperately striving for.

I then seemed to be out of sync with the whole crowd’s enthusiasm when Jane’s Addiction played over the sound system. Between bands, their singing and dancing had ceased and channeled to me throwing my arms up as “Coming Down the Mountain!” screeched out the speakers. Maybe they were just reserving for when HIM takes the stage.

Soon after, HIM took the stage to dramatic red stage lights. Every goth girl (and my moma) swooned as Villa Valo began to sing in his darkly baritone voice. His dapper attire and sultry looks proved to be too much for one heavy set girl by song three. I then found myself a human speed bump to her NFL line backer force. From my stance on the steps, I only caught a glimpse of her making way out the crowd towards me before I was hit. I figured the only way to survive was to let the steps catch me, go fetal position and hope to avoid complete crushing. Luckily, moma picked me up by the arms before the second part of my plan. Surrounding crowd hadreached for me while my attacker continued on her path in bull fashion and she was thus, never confronted. But that was my second ‘first time seeing or experiencing something’ at a concert.

The third ‘first time concert experience’ came a few songs later when I couldn’t help noticing how long the couple beside me had been hugging. As the song ended, “I just got engaged!”  could be heard throughout the venue. Aside for feeling excited for them, it was still a bit odd to be practically sharing in their moment. I hope they make it, I think it’ll be a lovely story to tell their kids one day!

I was glad to have the crowd keeping me so occupied as moma revelled in her favorite songs. I eventually caught on to their vibe and enjoyed the small dose of metal enough that I would have fancied meeting their guitarist to compliment his playing and his Bad Brains t-shirt! I had fully caught myself enjoying the concert when I was bopping about to the encore cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’.




Albion sails on course…

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After 6 years of waiting, The Libertines are reuniting!! They will perform at the Reading and Leeds festival in mid August. Though the reasons behind the reunion might be not in the Libertine spirit at the end of the day…what does it matter?

Seeing the interview in the NME, got me so emotional. With the passage of time, memories pilled up and it sort of made me realized how fast life goes by. It feels like only yesterday I was a  listening to them for the first time and being completely enamored with their sound. They were the band that made me get into music- that made me fall in love with music in general. They were the first thing that I felt was my own. Thank you, Pete, Carl, Gary and John.

bilo. 🙂

If only our ships hadn’t sunk

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The Takers

A little more than a year ago, I remember walking through crowds and past stages on a night of Harvest of Hope festival when ‘Curse of a Drunk’ stopped me in my tracks. As it boomed off of one of the festival’s smallest stages, the performance captivated me in a way that didn’t just momentarily excite me like the slew of new bands I stumbled upon throughout the festival.

I initially thought the way the song resonated would fade and I would surely forget the band’s name. Because I had caught only their finale, I desperately pen-scribbled The Takers on the side of my hand as they left the stage. My school friend was biased towards appearance of the mature, country outlaw band and was hasty to get to a tent-stage for a squeaky, punk-acoustic duo; which spontaneously decided to do only Bruce Springsteen covers instead of their own material (a year and I’m still debating which would have been worse). Nevertheless, we didn’t stick around to meet the would have been easy to approach, band.

Upon returning home from the weekend festival, the only new band I could think to seek out was The Takers. To my luck, the Gainseville natives were in a short drive’s reach, yet, the bars they play usually 21 and up. Despite that I now live farther away…I find myself living by if there’s a will there’s a way.

In the meantime, I still find the lyrics to Curse of a drunk resonating in my mind, and I’m expanding the library of free downloads I’ve collected of their only full length album, “Taker Easy”. I’m aiming for seeing a full show over this summer.

“Curse of a drunk is he’ll go home alone. Meet me out back in five. Meet you there. Get stoned. And we’ll talk about where we’re from, and how we’d go back if our ships hadn’t sunk.”


the radio likes to remind me

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Ol’ Robert Shrubbery; so wisely spoken!! If Robert Plant hasn’t been knighted yet can he get like wizard status?? Can a facebook group for this be made? I wanna see it happen!

But the things he says in the beginning, really ring true.

Ooo Bilo’s gunna love me just babbling on this post BUUTT Biggles and Bilo concert adventures have a biig update! It requires alllot of buildup so details will be soon 😀


A Beach in the Garage

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Riding the wave of the recently popularized appearance and sound of over-abundant Indie acts out of Brooklyn, NY; Beach Fossils still have their own uniqueness to them. They’re part of a new approach to indie music. Many songs have the Strokes’ style guitar sound of a prominent string of repetitiveness along with a Julian Casablancas-esque mumbling tone of vocals, and the track ‘Time’ even exudes a Joy Division ambiance of lofty distortion to accompany the suppressed vocals. This band’s soon to be released debut is to be a promising deliverance of surf pop and experimental psychedelic pop with a shroud of a garage band’s unpolished spontaneity.

Here is a video of ‘Daydream’ being performed acoustically in a bathroom…I still slip into a daydream hearing it regardless of the bathroom setting!

It’s a surf and garage mix of the beach boys with the strokes that exudes from the influx of indie lo-fi sound bands like Beach Fossils, Girls, Holiday Shores, etc. that I can’t stop from enveloping myself in. Their subdued lo-fi sound from their psyche-rock, new wave, and garage influences has created me a niche between physchedelic rock and garage rock.


Spanish music phase.

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Biggles and Bilo having been super busy since school started and has left almost no time for our ‘baby’ (blog). But have no fear, we are back -or at least we are going try to post more often than before.

After going through my Depeche Mode and Blur phase, I found myself totally and unexpectatly  listening to all kinds of Spanish (Latino)music. Stuff that I remember hearing when I was a kid growing up in Colombia- thanks to my mom and brother- to stuff that I just discover and I’m completely amazed and taken over by it.  One of the most wonderful things that music can do to a person is take them back to a time in their past. To a little time capsule where all the sights and experiences of that period of time come rushing back once you hear that song. Well, for me that what has happen in the last month. From Alejandro Sanz to Luis Miguel, to Los Aterciopelados and Shakira. From Carlos Vives to Juanes. Tons of artists that I grew up listening to their voices and at the time totally dislike them for some unknown reason (ex:Eroz Ramazzotti and Carlos Vives) and that I turn my back on them once I moved here and started to listen to British and American bands. Those are artists are now music to my ears and make me proud to be where I’m from. 🙂

Here are some videos and songs. This might be the first part to a long series of Spanish music. :)So let’s start with some music from my native land, la bonita Colombia.

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A New Band to Believe In

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Ever wonder how the offspring of the Free Love era or a hippie cult would grow up to be?


Band Members Christopher Owens (offspring of the Children of God cult) and Chet White.

Girls are a San Francisco, California duo bringing San Fran Physc. Rock on a hazy trip back to mainstream. Their (easily classified as experimental) songs deliver what many along with the duo themselves have described as a modern Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds”.

Chronologically, this duo embody what the hippie culture has morphed into and spawned. Seen in how the culture’s face and sound have been changed with the influx of newer/harder drugs and DIY music production; this duo soundtrack neo-flower children.

The band’s debut album is soon to be released and videos for ‘Hellhole Rat Race’ and ‘Lust for Life’ can be seen on Youtube. A live performance video of  ‘Carolina’ is sure to draw you in too.