Two loud-mouthes=something ultra offensive

Jay-Z and Kayne West have been all over the press with the release of their joint album “Watch the Throne”. The headline for their video Otis caught my attention; telling of their ostentatious destruction of a Maybach automobile for the video. Upon viewing the video the lyrical content loosely went by me while the images of the rappers joy-riding in the destructed car jumped around my screen. The video is like a bad action film geared towards a rudamental mentality; ensuring the song and their album great success in the general American market. The lyrics throughout the song are drowned by the fast delivery and primal “ughs” stringing them together, but a certain verse by Jay-Z leapt out in the most offending fashion possible midway through the video.

"Welcome to Havana
Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas
Viva Mexico, Cubano
Dominicano, all the plugs that I know
Driving Benzes, wit’ no benefits
Not bad huh? For some immigrants
Build your fences, we diggin’ tunnels
Can’t you see? We gettin’ money up under you"

um what? Nobody smokes cubanos with Castro...everyone is repressed there; unless Jay-Z is saying that he brushes shoulders with communists by keeping the company of Castro? Seriously, Sean Penn hanging with Chavez didn't exactly do him wonders in the public eye.  It's just all kinds of politically incorrect and offensive. The rest of the verse makes no sense at all as it turns to an attempt to give a shout out to illegal immigrants?? If they were trying to show sympathy for Latinos in America they did it so incompetently. Statements made by these "rap moguls" have fallen sour on the public's ears before; thus only leading me to question why they are still allowed to spew inaccuracies as arrogantly as they please?

~ by 63antics on 08/15/2011.

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