If only our ships hadn’t sunk

The Takers

A little more than a year ago, I remember walking through crowds and past stages on a night of Harvest of Hope festival when ‘Curse of a Drunk’ stopped me in my tracks. As it boomed off of one of the festival’s smallest stages, the performance captivated me in a way that didn’t just momentarily excite me like the slew of new bands I stumbled upon throughout the festival.

I initially thought the way the song resonated would fade and I would surely forget the band’s name. Because I had caught only their finale, I desperately pen-scribbled The Takers on the side of my hand as they left the stage. My school friend was biased towards appearance of the mature, country outlaw band and was hasty to get to a tent-stage for a squeaky, punk-acoustic duo; which spontaneously decided to do only Bruce Springsteen covers instead of their own material (a year and I’m still debating which would have been worse). Nevertheless, we didn’t stick around to meet the would have been easy to approach, band.

Upon returning home from the weekend festival, the only new band I could think to seek out was The Takers. To my luck, the Gainseville natives were in a short drive’s reach, yet, the bars they play usually 21 and up. Despite that I now live farther away…I find myself living by if there’s a will there’s a way.

In the meantime, I still find the lyrics to Curse of a drunk resonating in my mind, and I’m expanding the library of free downloads I’ve collected of their only full length album, “Taker Easy”. I’m aiming for seeing a full show over this summer.

“Curse of a drunk is he’ll go home alone. Meet me out back in five. Meet you there. Get stoned. And we’ll talk about where we’re from, and how we’d go back if our ships hadn’t sunk.”



~ by 63antics on 03/24/2010.

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