A Beach in the Garage

Riding the wave of the recently popularized appearance and sound of over-abundant Indie acts out of Brooklyn, NY; Beach Fossils still have their own uniqueness to them. They’re part of a new approach to indie music. Many songs have the Strokes’ style guitar sound of a prominent string of repetitiveness along with a Julian Casablancas-esque mumbling tone of vocals, and the track ‘Time’ even exudes a Joy Division ambiance of lofty distortion to accompany the suppressed vocals. This band’s soon to be released debut is to be a promising deliverance of surf pop and experimental psychedelic pop with a shroud of a garage band’s unpolished spontaneity.

Here is a video of ‘Daydream’ being performed acoustically in a bathroom…I still slip into a daydream hearing it regardless of the bathroom setting!

It’s a surf and garage mix of the beach boys with the strokes that exudes from the influx of indie lo-fi sound bands like Beach Fossils, Girls, Holiday Shores, etc. that I can’t stop from enveloping myself in. Their subdued lo-fi sound from their psyche-rock, new wave, and garage influences has created me a niche between physchedelic rock and garage rock.



~ by 63antics on 01/02/2010.

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