Spanish music phase.

Biggles and Bilo having been super busy since school started and has left almost no time for our ‘baby’ (blog). But have no fear, we are back -or at least we are going try to post more often than before.

After going through my Depeche Mode and Blur phase, I found myself totally and unexpectatly  listening to all kinds of Spanish (Latino)music. Stuff that I remember hearing when I was a kid growing up in Colombia- thanks to my mom and brother- to stuff that I just discover and I’m completely amazed and taken over by it.  One of the most wonderful things that music can do to a person is take them back to a time in their past. To a little time capsule where all the sights and experiences of that period of time come rushing back once you hear that song. Well, for me that what has happen in the last month. From Alejandro Sanz to Luis Miguel, to Los Aterciopelados and Shakira. From Carlos Vives to Juanes. Tons of artists that I grew up listening to their voices and at the time totally dislike them for some unknown reason (ex:Eroz Ramazzotti and Carlos Vives) and that I turn my back on them once I moved here and started to listen to British and American bands. Those are artists are now music to my ears and make me proud to be where I’m from. 🙂

Here are some videos and songs. This might be the first part to a long series of Spanish music. :)So let’s start with some music from my native land, la bonita Colombia.

Carlos Vives, el rey del Vallenato (King of the Vallenato). He made Vallenato popular and widespread to the masses. I didn’t like his music growing up. My brother and mom adore him, but once I started to get older it grew on me. Now I love it. haha. This song recently made me cry for some reason. Maybe because of that wave of memories coming back.

Another by him. It completely takes me back to my childhood. Ignore the short shorts.

Juanes. More than national pride, for me is regional pride. Paisa. From the same city as me (Medellin). He has become huge worldwide and only singing in Spanish. Has won numerous Grammys and has raise awareness about Colombia and other conflicts in the world.  I think he’s great. Great performer and a down to earth guy.

Shakira. Yes, there was Shakira before Hips Don’t Lie and She Wolf and she way different. I remember listening to her before she had the blond hair and before she hit big in the Anglo market. I wanted to dance like she did in this video. haha. I still like her even though she has changed. But I guess that unavoidable and she still keeps some of her roots in her work and music.

Los Aterciopelados. Great Spanish rock band. Unique and funny. They just are awesome. One of a kind. Andrea Echeverri is super cool and doesn’t give a fuck what anybody thinks.


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