“I hope to God you’re not as dumb as you make out…”

Orange Juice are a wonderful group that I wish more people realized that their songs are pure pop perfection. But then again maybe the fact that they are not that widely known makes them more endearen to the people who do discover them. Well for me is that case. I have long heard of this Scottish post punk band, mainly from their front man Edywn Collins (remember that great Iggy Pop inspired track “A Girl Like You”…yep, that’s him) and the work he did as a producer for the Crib’s second album and not to mention he’s unfortunate health condition that he was recently involved in. But a couple of months ago I was in the car and the song “Rip it Up” was played in Sirius radio. I loved the main riff right away but soon afterwards I forgot to look the song up, until about a month ago when I was bored and I typed Orange Juice in youtube and after that I been hooked. They have funk, disco, post punk with the right mix of campyness and style. But even though they weren’t entirely the biggest band, they only had a top 10 hit in the UK with “Rip it Up” they have had a big influence on bands. You can hear Orange Juice in alot of Franz Ferninand and alot of Edwyn Collins in Alex Kapranos.  I leave with a slighty different but still amazing version of “Rip it Up”  from the Old Grey Whistle Test and the song “Falling and Laughing”. Keep a ear for a nice Buzzcocks reference in “Rip it Up”. 🙂



~ by 63antics on 08/06/2009.

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