Biggle’s New Wave Fave’s

Psychedelic Furs- Sister Europe and Dumb Waiters

An unreleased single from the Psychedelic Furs 1980 debut, and a highly successful single from their 2nd album that found them success in the U.S.

Sister Europe is a fave for it’s dark, post-punk wall of sound delivery, and gives singer, Richard Butler’s vocals a distant vibe.

Their 2nd album saw the band progress in lyrical clarity that made for mainstream success outside of Europe. Dumb Waiters became prominent for being featured with Pretty In Pink in 80’s bratpack film Pretty In Pink. Dumb Waiters is a fave of mine because it instantly grabs attention without becoming a pop tune like Pretty In Pink does with how easily listeners are attached to the chorus.

All of the Psychedelic Furs songs have pure originality no matter how much mainstream success they garnered. The band’s predominant use of the saxaphone in their songs set them apart from being too moody or too pop, and made their delivery stronger and sound unrivaled by other New Wave contemporaries.

psychedelicfursAdam Ant-Physical (You’re So)

As one of Adam and the Ants first demos, this was one of the first of simple songs to be transformed with Adam Ant’s ingenius behavior.

adamantJoy Division- Disorder

The opening drum beat automatically makes me move. The lyrics give narrative to my memories of the first night I ever went out dancing.

I’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it out somehow

iancurtisIan Curtis with his iconic ‘we don’t know if he’s seizuring or dancing moves’. Not to be joked about considering his struggle with epilepsy, but definitely not how I was dancing…nor have I seen anyone dance like that. I guess it should be just reserved for him, R.I.P.



~ by 63antics on 07/25/2009.

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