the CULT

The one and only cult I’d lose my top or drink the Kool-aid to join. Yet, a 21+ previous member list is rival to only that of Deep Purple’s and alludes that the cult may not be that exclusive. Especially when so many have at some point been a part of or influenced by this light-goth, heavy-rock group.

At the forefront, Ian Astbury built the Cult’s rock and roll take on the tudor image and supplied the band’s synonymous vocals. Alongside was the only other founding and still remaining member, guitarist Billy Duffy. Duffy can be attributed with introducing the Smith’s iconic guitarist Johnny Marr to the guitar and giving the Cult its sound through his unique mix of punk and rock riffs. This mix Duffy created broke ground for alternative rock music to blossom from the late 80’s.

The Cult’s videos like Lil Devil give INXS’s videos like Suicide Blonde a run for their sex appeal. Yet, the Cult go beyond the fashion and sexy war with Astbury’s powerhouse vocals and Duffy’s revolutionary guitar riffs heard on classics like “She Sells Sanctuary”, “Rain”, and “Wildflower”

ian's gunTheCult



~ by 63antics on 07/01/2009.

One Response to “the CULT”

  1. Great post! 😉
    Definitely one of the best bands (and voices) ever, also one of the most underrated. But who cares it’s underrated if we know they’re there?… I love them since 1990, I saw them only once, in 2007, and they absolutely rocked. I also wrote about them on my blog, but it’s in Romanian 🙂

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