“In the summertime, I fear I’m gonna lose my mind….”

With final exams the next day and summer just around the corner, what is the best thing to do? Go to a concert of course!!! And that’s just what I did with my bestie (Biggles) and my brothar in tow.  We went to see the Virgins @ the Social on June 1. Though it was the thrid time we seen the Virgins (first in the Nylon Tour where I had never heard of them but I was hooked by the end of the night, and later in the year on tour with the Black Kids) they played a great energy paced 30 to 45 minutes and they even played one of my favorites “Love is Colder than Death”, actually twice as they played the version on the album and EP. Ironic, considering that when I saw them in September I yelled for it and I just got “isn’t it though?” by Donald. Of course, “Rich Girls” was a crowd pleaser and no matter how many time I hear it, I will always dance to that bass line but the encore was nice. A cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Countess from Hong Kong” and “One Week of Danger”  Anyways,  I danced like there was no tomorrow  and for the time that the Virgins played I forgot I had finals and things to do and I just dance and dance and forgot everything and it was just what I needed it!! By the end of the set, I even saw my brother moving a little…HAHA.

But even though I had the greatest of time, there’s still somethings that pisses me off about crowds in shows…1) People who think that smoking is gonna make you look super cool…..is NOT and oh how about lighten up in a tiny ass club in fucking Florida in June? It makes you look pathetic and I actually feel I little sad for you. 2) People who mosh. This is not a punk rock show and even if it was…not everybody wants to, so have some respect when you see people not wanting to join in your dumb antics. Don’t get me wrong, I got my moshing when I saw Against Me! but I couldn’t get my head around how some people were moshing to the Virgins…..

Whatever, it was an awesome show and I finally got a Virgins t-shirt (even though merchandise sucked a bit), so thanks alot to Wade for giving me his pin.  I thought that was an extremely nice thing. 🙂 We got home fairly early and even though I probably had less than 5 hours of sleep, I did fantastic on my exams ( well a B in English and a C in Algebra….it averaged to an A in both) and I thanked my post concert adrenaline rush. Imagine if I hadn’t gone…..I would have missed out on a fantastic time and just what I needed after a sucky school year……. dancing the night away.


Bilo. 🙂


~ by 63antics on 06/19/2009.

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