New reasons for loving Jarvis Cocker……

I’m in a bit of a Jarvis Cocker\Pulp kind of mood lately and fortunately Mr. Cocker is almost everywhere with his new album, “Further Complications”. I didn’t really liked the first single, “Angela” when I first heard about a month and half ago but it really grew on me with every listen. Also, I been checking the music mags this month and he’s feature heavily with some great funny interviews but the one thing that really got me laughing out loud was in the new Spin magazine where he mentions a lyric about a teddy bear, but not just a normal teddy bear——a teddy bear with an erection (gotta love the man).  But the real reason I’m loving Jarvis even more than usual, it’s that his new music still sounds refreshing and funny. “I Never Said I Was Deep” is slowly becoming my favorite song of this summer—-heck of the year. It features great lyrics like this one…”And if every relationship is a two way street\I have been screwing in the back whiles you drive”.

To top it all of….just watch this video and prepare to say..”Ahhh how cute”

Edit: Thanks to stupid Youtube, the video I posted is no longer available. Sorry.

Bilo. 🙂


~ by 63antics on 05/31/2009.

One Response to “New reasons for loving Jarvis Cocker……”

  1. Interesting piece, you may like my related musings on Jarvis Cocker, Pulp etc –

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