“Love at first sight may sound trite but it’s true you know..”

The final part of the Smiths and Morrissey countdown….:) (For some songs I would totally post videos like in the past but youtube isn’t helping me in that department)

7. Late Night Maudlin Street- Morrissey

Classic epic song from Morrissey debut “Viva Hate”….melancholy and heart wrenching. I think it made me cry the first time I heard.

6. Speedway- Morrissey

It was between this one and Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself? both from the majestic “Vauxhall and I” which means if you haven’t heard it…..go and find it and listen to it.

5. The Last of the International Playboys- Morrissey

Found in, possibly my favorite Moz cd, “Bona Drag” this song is just an amazing pop song with the clever and unique lyrics of Morrissey.

4. There’s A Light that Never Goes Out- The Smiths

Yess, I know!! It’s soo widely heard (and quoted) but that doesn’t take away from the amount of genius this song carries. Doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, it still sounds gorgeous. If I heard this song live, it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes for me to be in a hysterical crying mess.

3. This Charming Man- The Smiths

Seriously one of the greatest songs ever!!! That guitar, that rhythm section and those vocals and lyrics….it just doesn’t get better than this. And that classic video and image of Morrissey with the gladioli. GENIUS!!!

2. I Know It’s Over- The Smiths

There’s no explanation needed for this song…just go listen to it. A masterpiece.

1. Suffer Little Children- The Smiths

The first song the Smiths wrote and to me one of the greatest and most powerful. Such a morbid and tragic matter but that it’s completely close to Morrissey’s heart and that it shows in the song.  Even though it’s a sad song it’s still has this beauty in the poetry of the lyrics and the flow of the music. The greatest.

I try to make this countdown a bit different and include well-known songs and rare ones. Hope you enjoyed it and comment if you want. Thanks.

_BILO_ 🙂


~ by 63antics on 05/06/2009.

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