“You can’t do it by yourself any longer…..you’re gonna need someone on your side”

I bought “Years of Refusal” and I’m very happy to say that it has surpass my expectations. The first singles I didn’t really like but I’m very pleased to say that it has grown on me tremendously and I love every single song on it and it’s a great Morrissey record. With that being said let’s get back to the countdown….

18. Come Back to Camden- Morrissey

Gorgeous song in “You are the Quarry” remenising about “drinking tea with the taste of the Thames” and about taxi drivers who never stop talking. Morrrissey’s voice sounds top notch in this track.

17. Girl Afraid- The Smiths

Jangle pop classic found in compilations, “Hatful of Hollow” and “Louder than Bombs”.  Features great lyrics (“Girl afraid, where do he’s intentions lay? or does he even have any?) and of course, that Johnny Marr guitar. 🙂

16. You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side- Morrissey

The first track in “Your Arsenal”, this is the song where Morrissey let out his inner Marc Bolan and Bowie. Produced by the late great Mick Ronson.

_Bilo_ 🙂


~ by 63antics on 02/26/2009.

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