“Now, something meets boy and something meets girl…”

Ever since I been obessed with music and fashion, I have adored and worshipped the look of some of my favorite (male) musicians. Those musicians have been the biggest influence on my style.  The mix of yin and yan elements in clothes has always been so intriguing to me and sexy in a total noncoventional way.  Some of my favorite models have perfected the look of wearing men inspired clothing to perfection.  Even thought Ms. Moss and Agyness Deyn are great none come close to Irina Lazareanu.irina-lazareanu-man-suit



Here’s some of those men who inspired me who have\had impecable style.

      jrotten1  Richard Hell.                                                                        Johnny Rotten.



Graham Coxon.071121_200211_grahamcoxonratejq_01                                                           The Rakes.



David Bowie.                                                            The Clash.




 Franz Ferdinand.     franz20ferdinand1

_Bilo_ 🙂


~ by 63antics on 01/16/2009.

2 Responses to ““Now, something meets boy and something meets girl…””

  1. Splendid Taste.
    of Music as well of fashion.

  2. wayyy biloooo :DDDD

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