New stuff rolling in:

The Arctic Monkeys have debuted new stuff! Can’t wait to hear it && can’t wait to hear their new album and their Queens of the Stone Age collaborations. gunna be good stuff right there.

Jamie T’s got a new release but says it won’t be on his future album:

Biggles believes Jamie T is one of the best artists today. He’s making music similar to no one else’s. It’s just a functional blend of genres. His website had a really great feature of mixtapes he’s made. Beastie Boys, The Stranglers, Prince, ODB, Primal Scream..he makes super eclectic mixes of awesome artists.

Biggles just listened to TomVek. Nothing too new, he’s not made anything since 2005, but the song One Horse Race is addictive.

“Sweetheart if our worlds collide We’d both be bruised inside”

New News:

Ryan Adams says he’s retiring from music? Wtf. Absolutely love his music, so I put up with the stupid things he says.

Good Free Mp3 sites:

Aquarium Drunkark annd BetterPropoganda.

Aquarium Drunkard has good information.

Better Propoganda is like crack.


~ by 63antics on 01/15/2009.

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