geez..”how long have I been here?”

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Led Zeppelin’s “Song Remains the Same” and Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii” are so time consuming….but it’s sac-religious to walk away!!



Two loud-mouthes=something ultra offensive

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Jay-Z and Kayne West have been all over the press with the release of their joint album “Watch the Throne”. The headline for their video Otis caught my attention; telling of their ostentatious destruction of a Maybach automobile for the video. Upon viewing the video the lyrical content loosely went by me while the images of the rappers joy-riding in the destructed car jumped around my screen. The video is like a bad action film geared towards a rudamental mentality; ensuring the song and their album great success in the general American market. The lyrics throughout the song are drowned by the fast delivery and primal “ughs” stringing them together, but a certain verse by Jay-Z leapt out in the most offending fashion possible midway through the video.

"Welcome to Havana
Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas
Viva Mexico, Cubano
Dominicano, all the plugs that I know
Driving Benzes, wit’ no benefits
Not bad huh? For some immigrants
Build your fences, we diggin’ tunnels
Can’t you see? We gettin’ money up under you"

um what? Nobody smokes cubanos with Castro...everyone is repressed there; unless Jay-Z is saying that he brushes shoulders with communists by keeping the company of Castro? Seriously, Sean Penn hanging with Chavez didn't exactly do him wonders in the public eye.  It's just all kinds of politically incorrect and offensive. The rest of the verse makes no sense at all as it turns to an attempt to give a shout out to illegal immigrants?? If they were trying to show sympathy for Latinos in America they did it so incompetently. Statements made by these "rap moguls" have fallen sour on the public's ears before; thus only leading me to question why they are still allowed to spew inaccuracies as arrogantly as they please?

“a thousand rainy days since we first met”

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I rant from time to time about how much I love The Police. It’s torture that I can never put all the little reasons together to make a simple explanation as to why. When a friend sees their poster and records around my apartment and asks “Are The Police good?” It’s hard to explain at any length shorter than if you asked an Evangelical “Do you like Jesus?”.

In my shortest form yet, I’ve concluded that I love The Police because they take you to a place of your deepest heartbreak and make you dance in it.

I believe you haven’t lived until you’ve laughed while you were crying. The Police have the power to do that.



Wild Horses when they were still wild

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Here Keith Richards and Gram Parsons created and captured the spirit of what it was they loved and were.

The basic ‘Wild Horses’ sounds like something you found that’s unpolished and rough, but still holding its own beauty.
So much so that it frustrates a trained mind, a wild horse is perfect at being imperfect. Just like rock and roll.

I’m finally finding patience to submerse myself into understanding Gram Parsons.
more discoveries soon to come 🙂


Wild Sweet Orange

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Wild Sweet Orange are no longer a band. The sincerity in their music was the same sincerity in the members. Each band disillusions me like a bad politician at some point, but the honesty surrounding WSO’s work comforts and inspires me to write about and share music. Something that, until I found WSO, I didn’t think it could happen in modern music. Their solo projects will individually inspire, but collectively WSO made ‘We Have Cause to be Uneasy’ one of the albums nearest and dearest to me always.


“El Pipita”

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup is over and it brought me great joy and immense eye candy.Though my team (Argentina) reached the quaterfinals but got stomped by Germany, I was still happy about Uruguay and Spain. So in overall my back up teams did favorably well (SPAIN WON!) But apart from all of that, another aspect of watching the biggest sporting event in the world is the amount of gorgeous fit athletes. One that stuck with me after the world cup was over and well after his team was eliminated was Argentine and Real Madrid striker Gonzalo “El Pipita” Higuain. Not only is he beautiful to look at but he is just getting better and better on the pitch. He left South Africa with 4 goals on his belt including a hat trick against South Korea in the first round. Plus from the interviews I seen of him in youtube he comes across as  calm, down to earth, educated, respectful, confident and hard working (interview in the Spaniard show “Punto Pelota” ). I’m officially in love with him. Don’t take my word for it…see for yourself. 🙂


“Raising a toast to Saint Joe Strummer” and Craig Finn

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Tonight the 40 Watt club of Athens, Georgia lit up with strings of anthemic sing-alongs and guitar solos. Just don’t mistake those taking the stage for cubicle cohorts on the path to the water cooler. The short-sleeve dress shirt, costello-glasses, crew cut, and calculator watch clad singer is his own boss, leading the Hold Steady (every ‘9-5’er fantasy rock and roll band). Started at 32, Craig Finn’s lyrical social satire of America’s youth consistently delivers albums of “sing-along scriptures” that come to life at the Hold Steady’s live shows.

Raise a toast to saint Joe Strummer
I think he might have been our only decent teacher
getting older only makes it harder to remember
we are our only saviors
we’re gonna build something this summer